Love this place, everything is awesome, even the people.

I know I always say this but whoever does the buying here is amazing.  Good job!

Great store.

Incredible store!

I could stay in here forever.

Been shopping at your store for years!

I love this place.

Perfect store!

Very good products and service.  Thanks a lot.

I've been coming here 30 years, I love it.

Love Archimage!

This shoppe is amazing! I really appreciated how kind, knowledgeable & personable each person has been.

Love your store!

Great store!

You are all amazing.

I love Archimage!

Awesome store.

Great Store.

One of the best stores in Rochester!

Love the store.

Luv your store.

Love the store.

Unique beautiful items!

Love this place!

Love this place.

I absolutely love this place!

I love Archimage.

Always great things & selection!  Thanks!

You guys are awesome!

Love this store!

Love this!

Love your store!

Keep up the good work!!!

You're awesome! Thanks!!

Love it!

I love this store!

Love your store.

I love it here!

Love this place.

Wonderful store!

Love your store.

I love this store! I'm sure I'll be back MANY times.

Love the store!  Great merch - keep up the good work!

We love your store.

I love it here!

I love you all!

Awesome store.

Way cool Stuff!!

I totally love this store.

This is my favorite place on Earth.

I've never been here before.  I love this place, it's awesome.

This is like the best place in the world.

This place is better than any shop I've seen in LA.

This is the greatest store.

Love this store!!
Coming back when I get paid.

Love your store!

Love your store! No place like om!

Love you guys!

I love shopping here.

Love the store for 24 years!

Thank you and I love you.

Greatest store ever!!!

One of the best stores in the city.

Great store & such fun!

I love the store, it is really unique.

I love this store – shop here often.

Wonderful shop! I can always find something to buy.

Love-love-love your variety.

Love the store! My go to place to shop!

Wonderful & helpful.

Coolest store in Rochester.

I love your store!

Great place to shop

Favorite store ever!

We love your stuff.  It’s so unlikely to be in other stores.


Love this store!

I've been a fan of you guys since I was a little kid! Love your store, I'll find any excuse to visit!

I keep coming back!

This store is so overwhelming - I love it.

At least I got one thing from Archimage on this trip.  It was a successful vacation.

I love this store.  It's fabulous!

I swear I've spent more money here than anywhere, except for rent.

This is the best store I’ve found so far in my two years of living in Rochester

Great place!

I'm interested in everything! I love your store!

I just love this store.

Luv your store.

Everything you sell!

Your store feels like home, keep up the good work.

Dude, it's Archimage.  You can find anything to entertain yourself or better yourself.


I love this store – all of it.

You guys rock!

I love your shop.  Thanks!

I live far away but stop in at least twice a year.

I love you guys.

I really like this store. Great things.


I love your store!

Great store!!  We’ll return often and soon.

Been shopping here since 1984!  Glad you're still here.

Cool store!

I love this place!

Love this place!

Love this store!

Love this store!

Love this store!

Your store is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for being in business! :)

Love your store!

Thank you for being you!

Beautiful store & products.  We love to visit every time we come to Rochester. Thank you for being here.

Love this place!

Wonderful Store!

When we began this business in 1983, we decided that if we did it right we would not need to advertise - we were committed to doing something quite different, and doing it very well, so we felt people would tell each other about it.  And this has proved to be the case.  While we have, over the ensuing decades, placed the rare ad for the odd reason, our approach has not changed.  Our success is due to what we do and what people say about that.

We are profoundly grateful for the good opinion of so many people.  We thought this would be a good place to share some of that. 

Normally we're not inclined to "toot our own horn" very much, but we figure that if you're new to the store and wondering if you ought to come by, you can see pretty quickly that you might want to.

668 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY  14607 (585) 271-2789


Here's a collection of written comments we have received, with a handful of verbal comments that managed to get written down.  Though you'll notice certain things are said repeatedly, these are all individual comments by different people.

I love Archimage!  My favorite store since I was a kid.

This is the coolest shop ever.

Favorite store of all time.

This is an awesome shop!

Love everything!

Love this place!!

Love this store - would love one of everything:)

I love this place.  It's the best ever.

I have not had as positive a shopping experience as I did at your wondorous customer-friendly and friendly-customer shop in a long time.

Good items.

Cool store!!

Love your shop.  Been shopping here for years.


Love this store!

Great store.

Love your inventory! Very unique!

I love your store!

Interested in everything.

Like the variety.

Your store is awesome.

I  love ,love, love Archimage.

I have always enjoyed your mix of merchandise.

Love your shop :)


I love it.

Every time I come here, I'm reminded why I love it.

Love this place!

Love your store!

I love your mix of clothing, jewelry, & decorative goods.

This is my favorite place on Earth.

Love your store!!

Best store I have used a paycheck in.

I love this place.

You rock!

Thank you for being just what I needed.

Love it all.

Love this store.

Lovely fabrics – clothing, shoes.

Love your store – especially the clothing & jewelry.

Cool Store!

Love your store!

I love your store!

I love your store!

Love this store.

Love it here!

I love you!!!

Love Archimage.

I love your store!

I love the store.

I love this store.

Love this place!

I really like your store and would be more than happy to come back.

Love you!!

Great store!!

Love your store.

Great place to shop

I love it here! And I love what you support.

Love this store!

Love your store!!

Love this place for unique toys and gifts.

Established 1983

A Family Owned Business