The Early Days...

Established 1983

A Family Owned Business

668 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, NY  14607     (585) 271-2789

Who are we?

Family owned and operated since 1983

Archimage opened its doors on September 24, 1983. Its founders are Yong Bom and her husband Peter. A little while after opening, Yong Bom's brother Yongwoo and sister-in-law Louisa were invited into the business, and that partnership lasted for a number of years. The store is still owned and operated by Yong Bom & Peter today, and now by Kira as well, representing the second generation of the family.

Archimage began as a single storefront with mostly natural fibre clothing, toys, imported gifts and accessories, with the concept in mind of a meeting place for alternative and freethinking people to enjoy themselves, and find unique and ethical merchandise they felt good about buying.

“Our ideal is that everyone who comes into the store should take something out – either something they’ve bought and really want, or a feeling they’ve been in a place with a certain type of atmosphere. I think we’ve done a fairly good job of putting that ideal into practice.” – Peter
The little shop received such support from the community that they eventually took over the two storefronts on either side of them (to occupy the entire ground floor of the building) and expanded into the wide range of unusual products you will find today - an eclectic department store in microcosm, with a little something for everyone.
“We all believe in the good feeling that we generate as human beings. And people respond. Some days they come into the store and just sparkle. We remind them of the power of feeling good, of being happy. That’s what the toys do – they remind us of the innocence that’s behind experience. That’s what the magic is made of. That’s what the Archimage stands for. We live it on a daily basis.” – Yong Bom